HERAS — Ciro Duclos’ work is a bodily investigation of reflection, self-reflection, time and space. By using building materials he’s blurring the lines be­tween artwork, con­struc­tion and mate­rial. He is fascinated by the transparency and the reflective properties of glass. The physical experi­ence of the viewer is crucial: one must be immersed in the work for it to be complete.

During RESET, Duclos is showing an installation made of semi-transparent glass that has a strong spatial quality. The clear construction forms an evenly balanced play of contrasts: glass panels float serenely in a metal framework or are partially submerged in water. He aims to create a ‘reset’ moment — an opportunity for viewers to become aware of them­selves and the space in which they are moving.

Ciro Duclos graduated from the Fine Arts department of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague in 2015.