MORF FROM FORM FROM MORF — Koos Breen and Fabian Bredt use RESET as a design method for creating new works. Instead of offering products, they establish a chain of forms (ideas and opportunities) based on an associative morphological process. In the project “MORF FROM FORM FROM MORF”, the hierarchical relationship between artist and assistant is flipped step by step. With this visual dialogue, they reima­gine the conventional idea of inter­dis­ciplinary collaborations and traditional notions of their respective disciplines.

At RESET, the artists exhibit different pieces distributed throughout the apart­ment. The pieces vary from paintings and wall installations to virtual experiences and site-specific works. Each is characterized by a strong visual language and represents a different link in the process that referen­ces the previous and following steps.

Fabian Bredt graduated from the Textile and Fashion department of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague in 2015. Koos Breen graduated from the Graphic Design department in 2014.