DESIGNS FOR DISCOMFORT / DISSECTION — Where no one wants to be, few visit and many experience the most difficult mo­ments of their lives — how do you design such a place?

It is this question that sparked Lynne Brouwer’s investigation into the intriguing, hidden world of interiors of facilities with negative connotations, such as prisons, crematoria and psychiatric clinics.

The result is a photographic collection of interiors, each defined by its own colour palette and well-intended design choices. Together, the images demonstrate human attempts to control uncomfortable emo­tional situations. They ask questions about what represents good or bad taste. Is this a matter of ethics or aesthetics?

At RESET, Brouwer presents a new instal­lation that continues her research into these alienating interiors, which might be described as non-design.

Lynne Brouwer graduated from the Photography department of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague in 2015.