CONTINOUS FORM — In her work, visual artist Marijn Ottenhof explores social systems and questions human’s need for rules and order.

She is specifically interested in our daily life communication. Hence, interactions usually form the basis of the performative elements in her installations. Physical objects fulfil the role of props, conveying a narrative related to the staged situation in which the viewer is placed and often becomes an unsolicited participant.

For RESET, Ottenhof created the perfor­mative installation “CONTINUOUS FORM” — a response to the profound implications of our computerised society, in which robots and digital applications resemble human behaviour more and more closely. The visitor is invited into a shop designed for the Salone del Mobile. For sale is a very exclusive product that completely complies with EU regulations. It is unique in its uniformity, as explained by the kind but rather unhelpful shop assistants. “CONTINUOUS FORM” opens up notions of authenticity and uniqueness of art objects within the context of a design fair.

Marijn Ottenhof graduated from the Fine Arts department of the Royal Academy of Art in 2014.